ConnectGREEN project aims to cope with the fast and increasing ecosystem and habitat fragmentation in the Danube region and to improve ecological connectivity between natural habitats, especially between Natura 2000 sites and other categories of protected areas in the Carpathian ecoregion of transnational importance.


The E-learning training course was developed for 2 target groups: one course on identification, management, monitoring of eco-corridors for conservationists and protected areas staff; the other course on integration of eco-corridors in spatial plans dedicated to spatial planners and related professional groups including authorities.

This is the first course focused on the Carpathians, large carnivores and planning.

This is the second course focused  large carnivores in the Carpathians.

This is the third course focused on spatial planning.

This is the fourth course.

This is the fifth course.

This is the sixth course.